Wadsworth High School

The 1960’s were a time when many WHS graduates served their country in the Army, Marines, Navy,
Air Force, and Coast Guard.  Viet Nam was the current “conflict.”  Many of our 1965 classmates served
in Viet Nam, and some of them did not survive. This webpage is dedicated to all who have served.

Click each underlined name for photos and/or information


Darrell Reid, SP4, USA [KIA]

Craig Mann, Sgt, USA

Jim Sailors, LCol, USA

John Jones, USA

Dave Cowfer, USA

Dennis Samic, BGen, USAF(ret)

Scott Wolf, Sgt, USAF, AirNG

Jim Feikert, USA

Wayne Price, USA

Bill Burchett, TSgt, USAF, ANG

Dave Chaney, USMC

Jim Butdorf, USAF

Dave Ferguson, Lt, USMC [KIA]

Tom Fenton, USA

Dave Van Duzer, SP4, USA

Cliff Mobley, Sgt, USAF

Dale Parsons, USN

Craig Riber, LCol, USAF(ret)

Larry Bates, SSgt, USA

Dick Witschey, SP5, USA

Bernie Tighe, USA

Don Taylor, USA

George Killinger, USA

Jim Vough, USA

Greg Friedt, SP5, USA

Bob Vaughn, HMC, USN

Rick Sykes, USA

George Bleuenstein, Sgt, USA

Gary Meglich, E5, USN

Gary Tryon, Maj, USA, USAR

Joe Sayre, 1Lt, USAF

Ted Madigan, USA

Keith Keyser, USA

Barry Wagner, SSgt, USAF

Larry Geig, USA

Dave Corell, USA

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